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Hypex Ncore integrated amp with phono

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yes, i did!  Sounded great...he had it paired with johnathon audio which i never heard of and those sounded really good too....


I just got home from 3hr drive, but i will see if i took any pics of it or not..i don't think i did..i took very few pics and most i took, i took one handed with my phone and out of focus....what i was even more impressed with as far as sound goes though was a prototype by questyle with focal speakers.  (class d amplifier with class a input stage and dac built into one)...


I would definitely consider the LKV-Research-Amp though..sounded awesome.. hard to compare the 2 when they were in different rooms with different speakers, but i liked the questyle pairing better....the focals were 20K speakers and the johnathon speakers were 16K speakers....i would love either (grin)...a little out of my price range.

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^^^  i think he must be doing something right if he retired young as attorney to pursuit his interest in audio, and he is selling phono only preamp for $500+...to me that sounds like a lot for a phono ONLY preamp...but when i was at the show there was a seminar on the comeback of vinyl and how sales continue to increase (pro-ject alone sold 150,000 turntables last year)...anyway, that guy bought a 30K tonearm...geesh.

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