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Hypex Ncore integrated amp with phono

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yes, i did!  Sounded great...he had it paired with johnathon audio which i never heard of and those sounded really good too....


I just got home from 3hr drive, but i will see if i took any pics of it or not..i don't think i did..i took very few pics and most i took, i took one handed with my phone and out of focus....what i was even more impressed with as far as sound goes though was a prototype by questyle with focal speakers.  (class d amplifier with class a input stage and dac built into one)...


I would definitely consider the LKV-Research-Amp though..sounded awesome.. hard to compare the 2 when they were in different rooms with different speakers, but i liked the questyle pairing better....the focals were 20K speakers and the johnathon speakers were 16K speakers....i would love either (grin)...a little out of my price range.

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I think what you should be interested in is the input stage to the Dac board.

 Talk to the manufacturer about that. The input stage seems to be one of the most important things determining relative SQ in Hypex amps. One of the advantages of the 500 boards vs 400 boards is the ability to shape the sound with the design of the input.

The company's stand alone preamp looks good on paper. Maybe the've sone something good with the input on the integrated.

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^^^  i think he must be doing something right if he retired young as attorney to pursuit his interest in audio, and he is selling phono only preamp for $500+...to me that sounds like a lot for a phono ONLY preamp...but when i was at the show there was a seminar on the comeback of vinyl and how sales continue to increase (pro-ject alone sold 150,000 turntables last year)...anyway, that guy bought a 30K tonearm...geesh.

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