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Ciamara Custom Headphone Amp

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Thank you for the kind words!  We spent a great deal of time developing the Ciamara HP1.  The HP1 is a fully solid state design, which we believe achieves a level of performance that has never been achieved before.  We rigorously tested a variety of amplification topologies, power transformers and attenuators to develop the HP1.  Anyone who opens the unit will see the quality of parts employed is first-rate.

Solid state design?  The vast majority of people use vacuum tube-based amplifiers for electrostatic headphones.  Some examples are the Woo Audio WES and the Blue Hawaii.  Which is better?  Simply put, there is no "right" answer. and I would like to avoid that debate here.  Both approaches are valid, and both are wonderful in their own right.  Some folks prefer tubes.  Others prefer solid state.  From a technical standpoint, tubes produce harmonics.  These are perceived as "fatness" throughout the frequency spectrum.  These harmonics are not present on the original recording, but some listeners like this "creamier" sound.  Tubes also have variations in the mechanical aspect of assembly, so they are not perfectly phase accurate between two channels.  This is perceived as a wider image.  Those who desire these effects will like the accuracy of solid state, and visa versa.  


MOSFETs?  Currently we use SANKENs, which test to flawless accuracy, and are dead quiet.  This may not appeal to those used to tubes.  For tube-lovers, we also offer a MOSFET design.  MOSFETs achieve a "tube-like" warmth, without the maintenance and heat of tubes.


The "Commercial".  We designed the Ciamara HP1 to provide a level of sonic performance that has never been achieved in the solid state domain.  This is not a "rival" to the tube designs, but rather another flavor.  We are glad you liked it, Chris, and if anyone would like to hear one, we will gladly send you one for a 30-day in-home trial.


Thanks for reading!


Sanjay Patel | Founder | Ciamara Corporation

Ciamara HP1 Front.jpg

Ciamara HP1 Inside.jpg

Ciamara HP1 Rear.jpg

Sanjay Patel | Ciamara Corporation | New York, NY | www.ciamara.com

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