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What is your fav Focal Elear EQ curve?

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16 hours ago, dalethorn said:


Original Elear, standard earpads?

yes, original Elear, stock pads.  Unusual, I admit - but I really enjoy smooth treble, and this takes away the coarseness for me at least.  So far, very impressed with the Elear.  I know I can dial this in better, but even at first pass, the speed and depth of this phone is on point.  

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I've simplified my compensation curve quite a bit, trading perfect frequency response for less DSP-ing, if that's a verb.  I'm beyond impressed with how well this takes to EQ.  Note I'm using linear phase for the highs and a minimum phase for the lows in a different AU bank.  Stellar with a bit of crossfeed from Goodhertz





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4 hours ago, crenca said:



Thanks!  Can you still hear that 15-20k range (be honest! :) ), or are you boasting that for some other reason?


Well, not so much past 15, no I can't - though I just tested up to 18K at the audiologist a couple months ago - which took me by surprise since my home tests suggest I can only hear up to 16.5k.  There's really not any "music" past 15, and even that's just cymbal sheen.  But the elear takes a dive right after 12.5, so I thought it needed a little help to get a 15K tone as loud as a 12K tone.  So what you're seeing in my graph isn't necessarily what I'm hearing.  That spike in the top octave is only there to get me up to 15K performance.  This is why I didn't use a high shelf. 


Still, the 6db boost at 16K helps lift everything past the 12K dive the elear takes.  And it's noticeable to me.  

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There seems to be a consensus that some extra energy at 4K is needed to take care of that "suck out" people describe.  What's odd to me is that lots of folks don't seem to be bothered by that spike at 10K.  It doesn't hurt my ears like say a 7K spike would (sibilance) but still makes things sound a tad tizzy.  


That being said, I'm simply in love with the performance of this headphone.  These issues aren't dealbreakers at all and I find the Elear to sound very good even without EQ surgery. 

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On 5/28/2017 at 3:16 PM, crenca said:

Here is one (mine is similar...i will get a scrnshot):



I recently put 2.5 db of steam behind 600hz.  Just a simple bell that affects 200hz to 2K, very similar to yours, but with a slightly more narrow Q.  I read your post, but didn't think this was something I should change.  But trying it out really infused some magic into the low mids.  The result is a sound I'm very familiar with (having the JH Angie IEM).  This is an area where there is a tremendous amount of music and moving this up a bit really brought some more emotion and warmth into the mids overall.  


Just for fun, here's my latest curve:



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