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What is your fav Focal Elear EQ curve?

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17 minutes ago, crenca said:


 4483 to be exact (I meant to enter 4500 ;)


I was hoping you would respond Dale - I found a review of yours of the Elear somewhere with a curve but it had no numbers listed.  What are you doing above 4500 (6-10k)?  Also, what are you doing with 500-1500, 2k?  I don't quite know what to do in this latter area as everything I try still sounds off...

I'm up about 3 db between 6-9 khz.  About 6 db from 10-13 khz, but that's harder to judge even though the tones are audibly reliable there, since ear canals vary greatly at the highest frequencies, and so do most premium headphones.  I didn't do anything significant in the midrange, about -3 at 220 hz and -3 around 1.7 khz, just because it seemed better that way.  The mids are pretty well free of coloration, which I've found true of the Focal headphones I've tried so far.

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18 minutes ago, crenca said:



Ok, thanks for the insight.  Coming from the usual planar's (Hifiman, etc.) perhaps I am too used to that reluctant-yet also-sweet (is that the word?) midrange that causes these dynamics to sound "off".  I keep tinkering with things between 200 to 2k looking for something - but I end back up to right around your 2-300 and 1500-2k with even less attenuation (about 2db)....

The planars I've used seemed to have a very flat midrange, which is very appealing.

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7 hours ago, buonassi said:

yes, original Elear, stock pads.  Unusual, I admit - but I really enjoy smooth treble, and this takes away the coarseness for me at least.  So far, very impressed with the Elear.  I know I can dial this in better, but even at first pass, the speed and depth of this phone is on point.  


What I found so unusual about the Elear was the seeming lack of reflections in the earcups, compared directly to other open headphones.  In a sense, it was just a little bit like listening in an anechoic chamber - not a 'dead' sound by any means, but noticeably quieter than other headphones.

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16 hours ago, buonassi said:

I've simplified my compensation curve quite a bit, trading perfect frequency response for less DSP-ing, if that's a verb.  I'm beyond impressed with how well this takes to EQ.  Note I'm using linear phase for the highs and a minimum phase for the lows in a different AU bank.  Stellar with a bit of crossfeed from Goodhertz






I've found that trade works pretty well sometimes, especially if it frees up a slider or two.

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