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Sonore ultraRendu v1.3

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On 5/13/2017 at 2:49 PM, vortecjr said:

Seeing the ultraRendu next to the UltraCAP leaves me wanting to combine them in a nicer way. As such, I have an idea for a custom faceplate that allows you to mount both and have them look as one in your audio rack. Please provide feedback here so I can gauge interest in it.


I would be interested - this seems like a tidy package, sometimes it's inconvenient the way the DC cable between LPS-1 and microRendu can scoot one or the other away from where you've put it - as long as:

  • the joining faceplate can be fitted to an existing LPS-1 (since I already have several in the house); and
  • there's no sonic downside to tying these two devices' chassis electrical grounds, or indeed any vibration they might experience, together.
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My UltraRendu arrived today.  I look forward to getting it home and swapping it into a system there which is more of an audio magnifying glass, but of course I wasn't going to wait that long if I could help it, and I dropped it into the desktop setup at work in place of a microRendu.


What I can say for sure from this initial acquaintance is that the UltraRendu is very good.


To the extent that I noticed a difference from the microRendu (based on aural memory, and across the setup delay) I'd characterize it as:


Remember that thing I first noticed when replacing a Sonicorbiter SE with a microRendu and a good power supply - delicacy;  the increase in subtle, delicate detail and just present-ness without an electronic-sounding overlay along for the ride?


Even farther in that same direction.


(Associated stuff: LPS-1 powering Rendu, Curious USB to a Singxer F-1, Audience Ohno S/PDIF to Gumby)

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Dammit, dammit, dammit.


I've swapped my new UltraRendu into several places where I'd gotten used to (and really enjoyed) the sound of a microRendu, and the improvement isn't even subtle.


I've had to order a second Ultra.  Dammit.


(I've also got a 1.4-board microRendu update in transit, so I'll eventually see where that falls in the continuum.  But the UltraRendu is so good.)


Latest place I've tried it: feeding the Meridian Prime, whose DAC is currently my closest-to-high-quality MQA player.


I've generally strongly preferred multibit Schiit DACs to the Prime's DAC for any straight-PCM (non-MQA-encoded) material, but ended up preferring the Prime when it has MQA to render...  but the Prime (whose DAC is USB-only) seems to be pretty sensitive to what's driving it.


With the Prime's analog electronics powered by Meridian's companion outboard power supply and its digital section using USB power straight from an LPS-1-powered microRendu, it was sounding pretty darned good... but with the UltraRendu swapped in, the sound just floats in the air the way you want it to, MQA or not.  The thing is apparently capable of more than I'd realized, as long as its source is very very good.

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22 minutes ago, Apmusson said:

I didn't think that this level of improvement was possible over lps-1 powered mrendu.


Neither did I!  The microRendu with LPS-1 sounded so much better than the other transports I'd compared it with that I assumed there couldn't be much room for improvement.  Turns out there was still farther to go.


It's kind of disconcerting.

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2 hours ago, genjamon said:

Maybe I should just bite the bullet and upgrade to 1.4


If one has an original microRendu, I think one would upgrade as a matter of course.  Jesus and his cohorts haven't yet released an upgrade, er, "update" which wasn't a step in the right direction, and the v1.4 upgrade cost is moderate.  Enjoy it, and if you decide to sell it on I expect the market will prefer v1.4 units.  (My microRendu package arrived in Florida this Monday, and I await with interest news of upgraded units winging their way back to me.)


If there's sufficient cash in the kitty, immediately order an UltraRendu.


These are separate truths which may or may not be interrelated.

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On 8/9/2017 at 6:34 PM, jventer said:

If Sonore does not offer a double rear plate - what would you pay for something like that. Should not be too hard to get someone to make some and offer for sale.


I'm just curious - how many of the people fixated on getting a double rear plate to use along with the double front plate have actually handled an UltraRendu/LPS-1 pair joined by the double front plate?


I'm using one of the double front plates, and the joined pair feel like a single solid device.  There's no perceptible flex.


I kind of understood the concern over potential flimsiness until I felt the complete lack of real-world flimsiness when I'd bolted things together with just the double-wide front plate from Sonore.  Now I mentally turf all the rear-plate talk into the nervosa file.

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