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Introducing the new Sonore ultraRendu v1.3

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11 hours ago, vortecjr said:

poster: How big a jump in sound quality from the microRendu is this?

Jesus: I think you will be pleased.

so aside from the aesthetic changes  this product has been out only one yr, it's not inexpensive, and yet we're being prompted to shell out cash again for an upgrade..whatever happened to 2 yr product cycles at the min with firmware upgrade, if possible, to lessen costs?

we're not talking a hundred bucks or so here.

and sure we all like progress and are willing to pay for such (as any of can attest on here with our rigs).

but releasing 'new and improved' products too soon, most esp on $$$ items, just as hifiman or audeze with their v2 revisions (read:  to many it smacks of a cash grab) have done far too often, doesn't build customer loyalty and trust in my books.

do i sound a bit cynical?

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45 minutes ago, Al Jones said:


Yes, you definitely sound cynical.


As a retiree living on a fixed income, I am no longer able to chase the latest new thing without giving it a lot of thought, but that does not stop me from appreciating that technology moves on, with or without me.


You are not "being prompted to shell out cash again." You are being offered a (presumably) superior product, if you so choose and have the cash.


Basically, what I am hearing sounds like sour grapes. "2 yr product cycles" is an outmoded business model that is irrelevant to small, effective operations such as Uptone or Sonore, that don't have to offload tons of stock in order to recoup heavy marketing investments, before they can offer the fruits of new developments.


As the satisfied owner of two Uptone LPS-1 and two microrendu, I will gladly invest in an ultrarendu at around $1,000 simply because music and sound quality are high priorities in my life. If the price is prohibitive, I can live happily with my current gear without begrudging those who can afford it the pleasure of the ultrarendu.


lol...well you're totally wrong on that (my being cynical)...many firms still work hard to make significant and real progress (Chord, iFi, AQ, etc, etx) but they're not upgrading the mojo or hugo or dragonfly or micro idsd every 9mo-12 or so are they?


but that said, i do see your point that neither uptone nor sonore have the financial clout (against the companies that i mentioned) and so perhaps need to survive with more rapid releases and upgrades....but financially it just doesn't work for my budget (and i'm sure many others, too).


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On 5/14/2017 at 1:29 PM, noshortcuts said:
  On 5/14/2017 at 8:09 AM, alonwa said:

By the way, Hifiman offered an upgrade program whereby owners of the HE1000 could upgrade to v2 for $650 (not free, but also not $2999)

Which tells us, I think, that they want to keep customers happy but it also tells us something about how much their mark up is.



i just hope as an incentive for customer loyalty, that they'll consider some form of trade in for current MR holders (or something), because the value of our MR products will drop considerably  most likely once the ultra is released having come out in such a short period of time.

  i want to support the company, too, don't get me wrong.

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On 7/11/2017 at 4:10 PM, rlow said:

Would love to order one of these, but $1400 Canadian after shipping, exchange and tax is a bit too much for my blood right now - maybe someday...when the flippin CAD goes up!


I'm looking forward to the reviews however in the meantime! Hopefully we'll get some really critical listeners chiming in with their listening impressions.


EDIT: To clarify, that cost is with the iFi power supply included.


i'm in the same boat..might send in my MR for the 1.4 update...but the jury is still out

on if an iso regen would enhance sound still further

(i'm using and lps1 and dc 4 cable too so my koolaid is always topped up ;)

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i'm still trying to decide whether to send in my micro rendu and get the 1.4 upgrade...or to sell it and go for the ultra rendu...but then, later down the road, if i do decide to buy a PS Audio Direct stream JR dac i might not need either....decisions.


would love to hear of people who've heard a 1.4 beside an ultrarendu (is there really any significant diff in SQ)

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