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Introducing the new Sonore ultraRendu v1.3

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15 minutes ago, firedog said:

Sonore had the Rendu and Signature Rendu, which were discontinued. Maybe  they still have a Signature Rendu available you could buy.


Thank you Firedog. Much appreciated. I did almost get the Signature, but then the mRendu struck!  I am more psyched about the latest devs with the micro line....  but Thank you.

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On 12/16/2017 at 12:21 PM, left channel said:

Any opinions/guidance on the Sonore DC-4 cable for the LPS-1?


For me, in my system,  to my ears, the DC-4 cable was a requirement. I was using a Teradak linear PS as the feeder supply for the LPS-1 and the system sounded a little worse than the stock LPS-1 DC cable compared to the TeraDak alone. (It was a bit thinner and the mid-range was quieted. There was more detail, but at the expense of the mids and bass response). Immediately after the DC-4 cable the midrange & bass filled out without any loss of detail and clarity in the treble. The bass was smoother as well. At the time the cables by Ghent were not yet available. I have not yet tried a Ghent cable for the LPS-1, - so I have only compared the DC-4 to the stock cable.

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17 minutes ago, aggielaw said:

I've wondered about how much influence the uR has on the sound as well, especially when I hear people saying Jriver sounds better than Roon, or Roon sounds better with HQPlayer than by itself and so forth.  I have a DAC that is extraordinarily revealing, and my system now sounds just a bit "edgy" and needs a bump in the 250-750Hz range.  Easily enough corrected with the parabolic EQ in Roon, but it leads me to wonder what is influencing the sound the most - the software, the general purpose computer acting as a Roon server, the uR, or the DAC. 

Just my experience...  But I've never heard Roon sound any different/better than LMS or MPD. When you consider that Roon is so expensive, plays mucky-muck with your music DB, is integrated with that shite internet streaming program Tidal, makes it hard to play albums. Ultimately, - though, - the biggest argument against Roon is that the sound quality is no better.

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4 minutes ago, Frojo said:

I am running an UltraRendu -> curious cable->isoRegen -> curious link cable into a Chord Hugo. I found that switching my curious link to the USPCB was  a subtle, all-round improvement. 


11 hours ago, InnocentBlood said:

I'm currently connecting my ultraRendu to the Chord BluDAVE using a Curious Cable USB cable. the ultraRendu is powered by the LPS-1. I really like what I hear in this current setup. I'd like to ask if anybody else with a similar setup is using the USPCB A>B Adapter made by Uptone Audio in place of a regular USB cable? how do you manage to make the connection? is it a tight/ awkward fit? some pics would be welcome :) 


thank you all for your input and enjoy the music! :D 

I have the Sonore Cardas USB adapter and the USBPC was a significant step down in SQ in my system.

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2 hours ago, André Gosselin said:


Curious to read that. On the Uptone site one can read :



I want to emphasize that I had to use the USBPC with the 5v power pass-through turned ON as I am/was running an unpowered F-1 USB to SPDIF converter.

Whether or not turning off the 5v power pass-through in my system would make a positive SQ change is something I wouldn't know: and something I cannot test.



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