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Introducing the new Sonore ultraRendu v1.3

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On 5/15/2017 at 6:36 PM, jtwrace said:

I HIGHLY doubt they will as the µRendu will be a current product even after the release of the ultraRendu.  


Agreed, the µR has and continues to exceed my expectations.  Adding a new model to the lineup doesn't diminish that fact in any way (my primary interest in the sR is the form factor).  It's not like the µR failed to deliver in some way, large or small, that can only be addressed by purchasing a new and different model (which isn't an uncommon occurrence in the world of HiFi audio equipment).  The timely 2.5 OS update demonstrates that Sonore is committed to continuing to sell and support the current µR.

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4 hours ago, jbm0 said:


I would be interested - this seems like a tidy package, sometimes it's inconvenient the way the DC cable between LPS-1 and microRendu can scoot one or the other away from where you've put it - as long as:

  • the joining faceplate can be fitted to an existing LPS-1 (since I already have several in the house); and
  • there's no sonic downside to tying these two devices' chassis electrical grounds, or indeed any vibration they might experience, together.


Heck, I'd be happy with a bracket that wrapped around the curved edges of the LPS-1 and sR.  Just include the 3D design file with purchase and I'll have it printed at our local 3D printshop in my color and material of choice.  My AE2 powered speakers are mounted to the wall above my desk with 3D printed brackets using an open source design posted online.

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