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My favorite band is doing it again. Pearl Jam will offer FLAC lossless downloads of every show on their 2008 tour.


from pearljam.com






Pearl Jam will expand their bootleg program for the upcoming 2008 tour to include three different options for fans seeking to obtain bootleg recordings of the live shows. High-quality digital downloads and burn-to-order CDs of the entire show will be available following each show date exclusively via the Ten Club, at www.pearljam.com. In addition, mobile bootlegs of three live tracks per show will be released following the show on V CAST Music phones and at www.pearljamconcerts.com through Verizon Wireless.


"Pearl Jam continues to explore new and innovative ways to get their music to their fans," said Ten Club Manager Tim Bierman. "As we have learned from our younger fans, more and more listeners are accessing their music through their mobile phones." Continued Bierman, "Since Verizon Wireless and V CAST are at the forefront of that technology, this collaboration makes perfect sense to us. With our proven track record of delivering high quality bootleg downloads and CDs, we feel this new approach will not only benefit our fans, but provide an exciting opportunity to share Pearl Jam's music in a more interactive setting."


Digital Bootleg Downloads

Full concert digital downloads will be available exclusively at www.pearljam.com. Digital downloads of full Pearl Jam shows will be available for download two weeks after each concert in mp3 and FLAC formats. The price for the digital bootlegs will be $9.99 (mp3) and $14.99 (FLAC) per show.


Powered by Internap (INAP), the digital bootlegs are high-resolution digital files released without DRM (Digital Rights Management) so that fans can burn them to disc, transfer to them to MP3 players, or play them from their hard drives.


Made-to-order Bootleg CDs

In addition to digital bootlegs, Pearl Jam is launching a new physical CD program for this tour. CDs will be manufactured according to customer demand and will ship within three weeks of each show date. CDs will be made-to-order using recycled material. The price for hard copy bootlegs is $16.99/show and will be available exclusively through www.pearljam.com.


Mobile Bootlegs

By request from fans who are increasingly accessing their music via their mobile phones, Pearl Jam will debut mobile bootlegs as part of the 2008 US Tour. Each stop of the tour, Pearl Jam will provide three (3) stand-out tracks per concert mixed in real-time and released via Verizon Wireless' V CAST Music service or www.pearljamconcerts.com. Following each show, Verizon Wireless will offer fans one (1) full-length track as a free mobile bootlegs download with two (2) additional tracks available for purchase. All three tracks will also be available for purchase as ringtones and ringback tones.


All of Pearl Jam's bootlegs recordings will be professionally mixed in real-time at each show to create the mobile bootlegs. Pearl Jam's recording engineer will mix the recordings on the Verizon Mobile Recording Studio Bus.


Both the mobile and new burn-to-order CD options are an extension of Pearl Jam's official bootleg CD program, which was initially launched on the band's 2000 world tour in an effort to provide fans with high-quality, affordable bootlegs of their lives shows. Since the program's inception, over 3.5 million bootlegs have been sold.


Pearl Jam's twelve-date 2008 U.S. Tour kicks off June 11th in West Palm Beach and wraps up on June 30th in Boston. For a full list of Pearl Jam's tour dates, please visit www.pearljam.com.


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They've been releasing FLAC and mp3 versions for a while now. It is so cool to have great recordings of the actual concerts you attended. I also like the rough mix provided on the recording. It sounds more live to me than the standard live album with overdubs and crowd noise that sounds like a distant wave.


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