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Using the DAC in the receiver - how do you compare?

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I am trying to find information to compare various solutions to play high-res audio files.


The DACs in my Onkyo A/V receiver are TI PCM1795 (Burr-Brown 32-bit, 192kHz Sampling, Advanced Segment, Audio Stereo DAC). I have determined (based in part on responses received here) that I can use those DACs more or less in the same way than I could use a separate DAC unit.


The problem I have is comparing the various available solutions. I find it difficult to find information on the subject.


Available solutions include:


-Implementing one of the server solutions proposed on this site (Mac Pro, Lynx card, dedicated DAC unit, etc.).


-Using Apple TV or a Mac Mini or a Mac Pro to feed the Onkyo DACs using a digital connection (the Apple TV has limitations as far as I can determine).


-The Onkyo can be used as a DLNA compliant player. I can use it to read files served by my Mac Pro by using inexpensive DLNA software.


-Using a Logitech Transporter to read fiels on a DLNA complaint networked server to feed the Onkyo DACs, or use the DACs in the Transporter to feed an analog signal to the Onkyo, bypassing the Onkyo's DACs.


etc. etc. etc.


I don't mind spending money when necessary but I don't want to spend money for nothing either. Can anybody give some advice? Do you know where this kind of information could be obtained?


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