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optical from pc

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Some says Toslink has very high jitter, so you need a DAC that can manhandle it. Firewire is probably preferable in theory, USB depends on the implementation (async etc.). But a bad Firewire DAC can be worse than a good DAC on optical so... Life is not simple.


? MBP ? M2Tech hiFace ? Heed Q-PSU/Dactilus 2 ? Heed CanAmp ? Sennheiser HD650

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"in the case of optical out, a solid jitter rejecting dac is essential"

But if you have that, Toslink may beat coaxial. It does in my setup, using the Sq.box to feed the DAC.


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i5 Macbook Pro running Roon -> Uptone Etherregen -> custom-built Win10 PC serving as endpoint, with separate LPUs for mobo and a filtering digiboard (DIY) -> Audio Note DAC 5ish (a heavily modded 3.1X Bal) -> AN Kit One, heavily modded with silver wiring and Black Gates -> AN E-SPx Alnico on Townshend speaker bars. Vicoustic and GIK treatment.

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