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USB output to dac, bit perfect?


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i recently wrote about my frustrations with a EMU 0404 sound card.


having looked at another thread on this site, i discarded the EMU 0404 and output to my Bryston BDA 1 via the USB.


the net result was a noticible audible improvement, hooray!!


i would like to know if it is possible to improve this any further. i see the term 'bit perfect' on many threads. how do you know if your system is bit perfect?, i am presuming you do not need fancy measuring gear.


my system comprises a well specified p.c. with windows xp 32 bit, media monkey with wave out v 2.02a output plug in, output to Bryston BDA 1 via USB.


The bryston displays 'locked' on the front panel and the associated sample rate.


i have also read on another thread that it is better to have the clocking done in the dac i.e. asysnchronous. i have no idea if this is the case in my system and, if not, how to alter it.


if anyone has a step be step guide on the ultimate USB interface I would be gratefull and also, i would like to know the limitations of the USB interface and are their any better USB drivers out there.


many many thanks


simon c.


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