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Light Harmonic (LH Labs). Scam? USD$6 million not delivered since 2014

The Computer Audiophile

All those who contributed to the spreadsheet of losses - please check your email and Spam for email from: [email protected].

The deadline is Jan. 3rd to confirm that you will "join the complaint". To join you need to read the email and attachments and send back one document.

Happy New Year!

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1 hour ago, Allan F said:

Is there anyone who can tell us what the above means in plain English? Unfortunately, Google Translate can't handle gobbledygook.


But it can ! and it does it extremely well. So especially for you, Allan, here is the translation from the original Jarek with possible Polish influence to Dutch, back to English, from there to French and then back to "American" again:


"A small number of people were confused by the wording of the last update." We have clearly said "Wave Developer Council". A small number of people have misinterpreted it as: "Wave Panel of the developer" and insisted that LHL quickly sign one or suggest that a development board is actually a true beta tip from Wave that fits into the wave itself. This is an incorrect reading of the article. Indeed, it is the development card of the "Wave developer" and not a real Wave card. no need to try to suggest / disable (and this does not follow logical paths) that a gigantic PCB was the Wave panel, especially since we had already posted several pictures of Wave panels themselves. picture of table under the name "Wave Dev Board" (for example: Wave Development Board). The original message of the Intergovernmental Group on Intergovernmental Groups has also been updated to reflect this clarification for all confused parties.


To me it is clear that any council must be addressed in French. This works right out of the Intergovernmental Fake Box (IFB).

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Guess we all wish that he will be upfront with us, that he did his lessons learnt from the past. 

And I would also appreciate if this kind of video will happen (although we asked for it in the past already). 


But sometimes I have the feeling (from the "news" spread via Jarek) that he lives in his own world and doesn't realize the reality. 

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33 minutes ago, buonassi said:

He may be a great engineer, but his inability/unwillingness to confront this is difficult for me to understand.  I simply don't get this guy's lack of self-preservation.  It's almost like he's nailing his coffin shut from the inside.  If that makes sense?


If you go back and read his speaker's bio from the Taiwan conference that I linked and quoted upthread, he has experience in businesses going under.  This would just be one more, and by far not the shortest lived.

One never knows, do one? - Fats Waller

The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. - Einstein

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"I am not a crook".

Richard Nixon Larry Ho


"Relax, it's only hi-fi. There's never been a hi-fi emergency." - Roy Hall

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted"- William Bruce Cameron


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Please join the effort to document all money sent to LHL on the Indiegogo platform for products that remain undelivered . The assembled data can be forwarded with a complaint to the California State Attorney's Office for legal action.


Bump for the cause:


marflao said:

alright...here we go.


Sheet has been created: 



In case you want to be part of this sheet pls send me an email to defraudedbylhl at gmail dot com with the following  details:

- username (as mentioned.. it is hidden)

- "your" forum where you use the username

- from which continent you are

- which LHL device(s) you have backed and

- how much you paid for each backed device.




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8 hours ago, noshortcuts said:

Interview Question #1: Where is our money?

Interview Question #2: Where exactly does your bookkeeping stand? (Who paid what and which upgrades? How much each paid and when? Addresses? Past communications and tickets? Etc.)

Interview Question #3: Will any more product be delivered? Plus, obvious follow up clarifications....

  • If so,
    • What exactly will be delivered? (not just "Wave" but which models, not just Vi, but which variations, etc.)
    • And How? (which Team, which factory, etc.)
    • And Where? (USA/Asia/Canada/etc.)
    • And to Whom? (everybody paid, everybody deserves to know)
    • And When? (like, really)
  • If not, (for any and all that can't be answered affirmatively above), Where's our money?

Interview Question #4: ___________________________________________________________

I would be shocked if LeeS agreed to ask hard questions such as these.  It is a lose lose for him.


His outcome.

  1. He asks these questions and loses access to demo gear from other manufacturers for playing hardball.  LeeS likes being buddy buddy to manufacturers.  Why would he risk this?
  2. He doesn't ask these question and he gets skewered again in the forums.  Although, based on his previous posts he probably doesn't care about this point.

Which is why Jarek purposefully asked LeeS in the first place.  It also explains why Jarek received lots of "funny" feedback when he first floated the idea.  The whole thing would be a joke that doesn't help the consumers.



Full disclosure, I have no financial interest in the outcome of this process.  From the sideline I do enjoy watching the apologist squirm.


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There has to be some back channel communication between Scoggins and LHL, probably Larry himself.


Scoggins would start the "interview" with something like, "talk about all the new tech that LH/LHL has in the pipeline".  I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if the crowdfunding debacle would be broached like this, "does it make you sad that a few disgruntled customers trolls have hurt LHL's reputation?"


There's a reason Larry wants Scoggins to be the interviewer.  No one has offered as many keystrokes of praise to Gavin Fish and Larry Ho as Lee Scoggins.  If this actually pans out, it will be the clearest indication yet that Larry refuses to face his epic and dismal failures and continues to shirk responsibility.


It might be entertaining to some, but real people have lost real money.  And Scoggins should really think about the downsides of raising his profile on the backs of those people.  If his reputation as a shill is persistent now, imagine how pervasive it would be after an event like that!


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I am sure many people appreciate your efforts over the last few years, keeping a "dialogue" going between Larry Ho and his victims. 


You have written quite a lot in the various fora over the last few years but the fact remains, we still don't have the promised products and we still don't have our money.  So at the end of the day, none of what you write means anything and is simply window dressing unless you can produce results.  


Can you produce results, or will it continue to be the status quo of continued delay, meaningless "updates" and deflections, with occasional apologies sprinkled in?  


Apparently you have Larry's ear.  Why not use your powers of persuasion to convince him to provide refunds?



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