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B2 Bomber DAC from burl audio

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  • 6 months later...

I've been demo'ing the B2 DAC this weekend and so far am impressed. I'm using a PreSonus Firebox connected to my Mac Pro via firewire to pass s/pdif to the B2 using a Kimber DV75 digital interconnect. This is temporary until I determine the best sounding, most cost effective way to get AES digital off the Mac - assuming I keep the B2. For playback I'm using the current demo version of Pure Music and have listened to a few 16 bit 44khz wav CDs imported into iTunes. I also used the transport s/pdif out from my Accuphase DP-500 redbook player for another comparison. I listen in my 16x22 sound room that is built and treated for good playback and recording. Playback system is MBL 6010D pre with mc phono, MBL 9007 mono-amps, Wilson Benesch Curve speakers, Argento Organic speaker cable and amp ICs with Argento Serenity power cords on dedicated 10 gauge runs to each component. Firewire cable is a Belkin 4.5m 1394 from Fry's.


As further background, which trust me will be relevant shortly, I've been planning to go the music server route to replace my DP-500 for several months and have been reading CA for a while now to get ideas on routes that will work for both my playback and recording/mastering needs. Then 2-3 months ago I dove further into vinyl and have not listened to much else since. I upgraded to a Raven Two turntable with a Lyra Delos MC and have been happily listening not thinking too much about the digital side. That was until last week when I was at the Superdigital pro audio dealer in Portland buying some mic pre's for an upcoming recording session. On hearing about the Burl gear I arranged the demo so I could progress to the music server based playback capability I've been planning.


So, after several weeks of only good vinyl and some tape listening from our recording sessions, at the expense of lawn care, exercise, etc etc, I brought home the B2 and have been giving it a listen with more lawn care chores neglected.... On reflection one thing that says a lot for me is that with this initial setup of the B2 it is an easy transition switching back to digital listening via the B2. It has a nice full coherent sound top to bottom without the harshness or hardness of digital but still with the detail and dynamics. It has a real solid sound that can kick you in the gut given that type of material. It's not lacking on the upper extension either. In many areas coming from the Mac it is already besting my reference redbook player which I coincidentally sold this same weekend of the demo. The low resolution stuff I listened too also sounded amazingly good so I think that speaks to the musicality of what it puts out. Sonically it may not be for everyone depending if you like the more analytical sound versus analog-ish sound just to use those two dimensions of music playback characteristics. I read a good discussion of the colored vs transparent view of sound I think on the TapeOp forum if one wants to read a discussion of that in regard to the Burl ADC/DACs.


It doesn't have a lot of the features you see in some of the other audiophile oriented units discussed in CA being a pro-audio oriented dac. On the other hand I think this piece looks like it's designed and built from both pro and audiophile approaches albeit without the costly high end custom machined covers/faceplate. Nice build quality though with brushed stainless steel top, sides, back, and bottom with nice half rack face plate.


Hanging around today with some downtime for listening I'm now torn between which source (vinyl or the computer via the B2) to listen to (I don't have enough of the good power cords and xlr ICs to keep both plugged in optimally) which is a nice problem to have.


Anyway these are my early impressions and I plan on getting things a bit more optimized so I can really do some critical listening before deciding if I return it or keep it. Also want to listen to some 24/96 material (limits of the Firebox) to hear a higher resolution. As with all choices there are usually if not always some pros and some cons. I have to think about the cost of a firewire to AES converter although this inexpensive PreSonus Firebox is doing a respectable job but I'm guessing other dedicated solutions would make a nice difference. Based on the reviews there are other good things out there too and I wish I had a MH LIO-8 or ULN-8 and the Weiss DAC 202 to compare to in my system. So far it's really fun to listen to this unit and if I had to make a choice today I could easily buy the B2.


I'm also digging on the music server part of the equation too and my thanks to Chris and all the contributors for the great discussions, reviews, and support.






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  • 6 years later...
Any experience using Ethernet Dante input? Please chime in!

Dante input on Burl is relatively recent addition, so you won’t find many who tried it even on pro forums. In pro settings it is likely indistinguishable from its other input as it would be slaved to external clock in either setup (not that it answers your question).


are there any other “professional” DACs providing Dante input?

All DACs with Dante should be listed here:


https://www.audinate.com/products/dante-enabled and filter Category = I/O Interfaces.

I understand RedNet D16 + DAC duo can be employed instead, but this is quite an expensive proposition…


There’s a bunch of affordable ones with older(?) chip in them. I’d think Rednet AM2 is the best fit as it is intended for studio monitoring. Most of the other cheaper ones are made for sound reinforcement, corporate voice routing, etc. There’s a review of AM2 in CA's D16 thread.


There's also this: Amphe-Dante – Entertainment@Amphenol even cheaper.


No personal experience with any of them and no affiliation.


There’s also this: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f22-networking-networked-audio-and-streaming/lan-input-dacs-21722/


You may have more luck posting this in Network section.

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Thank you very kindly Serge_S!


Yes, RedNet AM2 looks very interesting, but it does only 24/96, unfortunately enough…


Posted in "LAN Input DACs" thread. We shall se what comes out…


There is a gazillion of Dante-enabled products! Now I am drowning… Any newer DACs you could please recommend?


This Amphe-Dante adapter looks nice, but how can we be sure it does not alter the signal?

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