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can you recommend dac? and i have question

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i'm alex i don't know english well ^^


im looking for pc-fi


now i think i will buy dynaudio focus 110a and benchmark dac hdr


i don't have information that what's dac? preamp? poweramp? integred? and what to do that


so i have question .


1. if i buy benchmark dac hdr and focus 110a, can i listen to the music at now?

2. and can i connect to bluray to benchmark dac? because when i whatch bluray movie, i want listen from focus 110a




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1) DAC - converts Digital (what is in the PC) to Analogue (what we can hear!)

2) Pre Amp allows you to control the volume and choose whether you listen to PC or Bluray

3) PowerAmp makes the sound loud enough to listen to.


The Benchmark HDR is DAC and a Pre Amp


Dynaudio Focus 110A have a power amp inside.


So you connect PC via USB to Benchmark to Dynaudio and you will get music.


To listen to Bluray you will need to connect Bluray to Benchmark


Good luck and read the instruction manuals or get help from your dealer.


Trying to make sense of all the bits...MacMini/Amarra -> WavIO USB to I2S -> DDDAC 1794 NOS DAC -> Active XO ->Bass Amp Avondale NCC200s, Mid/Treble Amp Sugden Masterclass -> My Own Speakers

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