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You are not helping my obsessive compulsive disorder one bit!


I just bought a DAC, now after reading about the Halo I can already feel the compulsion to buy another building.






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Presumably, some of these comments cause the tears?


"One of the little tricks I've come up with is a parallel up-compressor run in DSP that uses EQ, the Metric Halo compressor and limiter, and M-S splitting," Abbott shares. "It only takes the low dynamic range stuff, the ‘least significant bits’--60 dB or so--and pushes it, flavored, back into the main signal. On a clean source, it will give you all sorts of detail that usually gets lost when you apply production limiting, bit down-conversion and lossy codecs."


"Abbott, who has worked at UMS-W for over fifteen years, reports that the test tones on archived tapes rarely offer accurate azimuth information compared to the music program, making Phase Torch invaluable. "We've found practically none of these tapes, especially the ones that had been edited, have the same azimuth all the way through."


"Some sources are dull or dry and need a little help, and when you need the extra color of a tube or transformer stage, it's available." Metric Halo's Character processing engine allows users to selectively add the euphonic, low-order distortions found in classic analog devices."





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