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The Beatles USB Stick


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Once again the advice I get from my great friend Tim Marutani is superb!


The packaging and sound is amazing on the USB stick remastered Beatles albums. The stick contains both MP3 and FLAC (24 Bit / 44.1kHz) versions of the stereo albums. It was pretty simple to covert the FLAC to AIFF using MAX, the only glitch being Rubber Soul seems not to be properly set up in the FLAC files, so I had to manually enter the titles, track numbers and artwork for that album.


I've not heard the CD versions in either Stereo or Mono, so I can't compare. However, these Stereo files are excellent in 24 bit resolution.


Thanks again Tim!




Audio Alchemy DMP-1 / Roon / Berkeley Alpha RS 2 / Constellation Monos / TAD R1s

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