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how will this setup sound??


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I want to buy a Imac, to use it as a music server. I am thinking of using a firewire into a word clock, AES out into my tactaudio preamp.

The word clock is a Brainstorm DCD 8. The DCD-8 uses the TC Electronics JET PLL Technology which is very different than the Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) method (I mentioned it, because I absolute don know what that means :^D)


What do you think of this set-up?? Will this work on a highend level?? or am I missing something?


I own digital speakers so there is where the d/a convertion happens. (Focal SM8) modified


Any feedback will be great


Thx for the feedback






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Hello Alex,


If I remember properly, you need to leave the TACT be the clock master, otherwise the signal will be distorted.


You can also try to have the TACT make the conversion (or use a BMC-2 for this) and see whether you prefer the result to the SM8 interna D/A converters.


Otherwise, your setup seems perfect to me. ;)




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