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Tweaking Audirvana


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Is there a tutorial available on how to tweak Audirvana Audio Settings or some listings of recommended initial settings?



It's not nearly as obtuse as HQPlayer, Amarra, or PureMusic. Follow the developer's defaults/basic recommendations in the user guide.


General: prevent screen from going to sleep

Audio: Exclusive, Direct, Integer Mode 1 all on. Memory cache: 2-3gb, or 1/2 of total RAM, whichever is less.

Filters : forced upsampling NONE*

Volume: max volume @ 0db, assuming your downstream hardware controls volume (DAC, amp, or preamp)

SysOptimizer: extreme


*edit: My personal preference. Fuss with this after you are familiar with hearing it "straight".

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The recommended initial settings are what is coded in the software when you move the SRC Quality slider to "Best" ;)


Seriously, there has been a lot of back and forth on this, and the only tweak I've ever seen that a plurality agreed sounded "better" was to choose "Best" quality, then move the Pre-Ringing slider back to about 0.40 (i.e., closer to the Min. Phase end of the scale), and that's only if you're not subsequently resampling to DSD.

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