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The Computer Audiophile

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if this will be useful Chris, but from my neck of the UK (ISP is ntlworld) all has been fine. I accessed the site on all days, at various times, and never noticed a thing. (Timing would be up to 23:00 UK - 17:00 USA Minnesota).


Good luck!


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No problems accessing site, but can't upload a new image...


[EDIT: new image uploaded now, so no issues whatsoever :-) ]




Main: Okto dac8PRO -> 6x Neurochrome 286 mono amps -> Tune Audio Anima speakers + 2x Rotel RB-1590 stereo amps -> 4x subs
Office: MOTU UltraLite-mk5 -> 6x Neurochrome 286 mono amps -> Impulse H2 speakers
Vinyl: Thöress Phono Enhancer -> RME ADI-2 Pro

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