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Anybody who legally downloads music is an idiot!

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This is an interesting article from CNet. I disagree with most of what this record store owner says, but he has a valid point about purchasing physical discs in specific situations.


"...Asked if downloads are killing his business, John got a little worked up, "Anybody who legally downloads music is an idiot! You can get it for free, why pay for it? Download it illegally, who's going to catch you? Legal or illegal, they sound the same...:


Here is the link to the full story.




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re: "Anybody who legally downloads music is an idiot! You can get it for free, why pay for it? Download it illegally, who's going to catch you? Legal or illegal, they sound the same...":... well, the guy obviously either doesn't do any or doesn't do much illegal downloading or doesn't know anyone who does that will talk about the consequences. If they catch you, they will not only hack your computer, but will then send you a nice court summons which you will have to respond to. It won't be cheap. Admittedly, they won't catch everyone though.


Yeah ..... I suppose it sounds the same as the other compressed stuff. Not great. Not really worth wasting prime HDD geography for either. I don't think he is speaking of High Definition audio with regard to the illegal downloads though is he? He probably isn't much aware of the current state of high definition downloads as the article states that his store has no online presence: he does mail order. I love these kind of guys though. They are keeping vinyl alive.




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for him to take, but i agree that the industry charged too much for CDs. Tho in recent years that seems to have changed (but then, amazon and the like were probably the catalyst for that change).


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I built my system and agree that I want non-compressed jams. I hate MP3, I am still learning PC audio. I still use wma lossless to rip and burn. Vinyl I want to explore again, I had a great collection when I was 17, Black Oak Arkansas, Grass Roots, Trapeze, Target, Wishbone Ash, yep and the Zep an Stones. Cheers and thanks for the education!


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Wow, what I'd give for someone like that to open a store near me. If they sold coffee and had comfortable seats, you'd never get me out!


Advocating illegal downloading is a tad bold, but I can see his point - if I was a kid today with limited funds and unlimited internet access I guess it would be too tempting! If the industry were a little more forward thinking they would realise that all that youthful 'enthusiasm' will, one day, become mature spending power. Adult music lovers, concert goers and 'audiophools' - a licence to print money!


Let 'em download anything they like - make it free - turn 'em into enthusiasts and then they'll buy anything, at whatever price you want!


Limited edition box set? Full HD Resolution Recordings? Certainly Sir - that'll be next month's salary, please!


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