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Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

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On 9/4/2020 at 7:19 PM, arlese said:

This is a question for @damien78


Any plans for an iOS music player?

I would love to connect my iPad to my DAC and by-pass the computer all together but retain the sound quality and functionality of Audirvana.


I would wait until Damien will launch native Audirvana for the upcoming ARM based Macs. Then I assume Audirvana will run on both MacOS and IOS.



"I want to know why the musicians are on stage, not where". (John Farlowe)


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Finally I can use Audirvana. I had a very old computer and it was almost unusable. So much that I couldn't listen to streaming services. Now I bought a new computer and it's very good. I'll keep it for second after Roon.


Although it has some small annoying UI things it's not bothering me at all.

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Trying out an eval of latest audirvana.  Installed it on my Win10 laptop.  All I want to do is add my library which resides on my NAS (for this example).  For the life of me I cannot find away to do this and have searched forums with no results as well as I see no help file to specifically talk about this? Maybe its my search criteria or whatever but anyway.


My NAS has many shares and I access the shares for other applications via IP:



The multimedia folder is the share point and can access it from win and ubuntu


When I go into audirvana and select add folders, it comes up with the default windows dialog/explorer and I select the mapped drive I have on my laptop:



Nothing happens?  I see no other way to hardcode this via smb, cifs or whatever.  I never use windows "network neighborhood" or whatever to browse network


I can browse, add, delete files etc.. from on this mapped drive from my win explorer




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