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Roon Support Comes to Lumin Audiophile Network Music Players + MQA update


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ROON and MQA news updates for Lumin Universal Audiophile Network Players and Systems.

ROON is now part of the upgrade to Lumin <8.0> for all products D1, A1, T1, S1, U1. (The only thing left to do will be the L1 media library as a upnp device!).

Roon is working well on our end with LUMIN products natively (not going through airplay). To use:


1. Have a computer running Roon core

2. Computer and LUMIN are on the same network

3. Roon app installed on the iPad

4. LUMIN/Roon running firmware 8.00+



It should work fine if all these are "yes".




1x = 16/44.1 Via Airplay bit perfect.

Also: MQA at 24bit 48kHz is active


In development for firmware updates. (Dates TBD but should be done by Q2/Q3 2017).


2x = 24/88.2 or 24/96

4x = 24/176 or 24/192

8x = 24/352 or 24/384

2x (or maximum 4x) is all that is really required from a technical point of view.


Universal Music Group has now signed on with MQA, and their labels include: *** ECM, Interscope, Geffen, A&M, Capitol, Island, Def Jam, Decca, Verve, Blue Note, Virgin, and EMI ***


Re: MQA now on Tidal

For those using Lumin app, there should now be a Masters category under Tidal. If you don't see it, please kill the app and retry.


You can also ‘tag’ MQA but does not yet give you the full MQA resolution (it down samples it to 24bit/48kHz for now), which is still an improvement over 16bit/44.1kHz . Lumin has full MQA support in the works, so we should see that in the near future. Additionally, MQA also plays bit perfect via airplay at 16bit/44.1.


Lumin app for iPad, iPhone and Android tablets available at:



Click here to visit the full lineup of Lumin Music Players


To start your free Roon trial click here


Click here for the latest information on MQA


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