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Connecting a headphone amp to a Monitor Audio A100 amp

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Hi all,


I've just acquired a Musical Fidelity MX headphone amp on approval, and I want to connect it to my Monitor Audio A100 amp.


Firstly the system:


Music stored on a laptop, controlled by iTunes and streamed via my wireless hub into the Monitor Audio A100 amp via Apple Airplay.

Amp drives a pair of B&W 682 floorstanders.


The A100 doesn't have a headphone output. I've connected the M-F MX to the A100 via RCA from the pre-out RCAs on the back of the A100 to the RCAs on the MX.


The problem? If I turn the volume down to the speakers, the volume to the MX drops too. I thought RCA pre-outs were independent of the volume control on an amp.


Has anyone else tried this setup?


Thanks, Terry

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