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Exasound e28 Great DAC, Fantastic Customer Service

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I would like to give credit where credit is due :) I am very happy with my Exasound e28

Great DAC and Fantastic Customer Service I have gotten. I had a few teething issues integrating it into my system but everything worked out thanks to exasound support and customer service.


George - Thank You


now if I can only find that Nagano violin solo in dsd....anyone have a link? ( I found the wsd file but that can't be played)

Dedicated 20A>>MacBook PRO Core i7>Decibel>Metric Halo LIO8(firewire) or Exasound e28(usb)>RedCo Mogami Multi Channel Snake Balanced Interconnect Cables via DB25 Neutrik Balanced Connectors 3 pin Male XLR-Blk/Gold or BJC RCA Cables

Dedicated 20A>>Dual APC LineVoltageRegulators 1200Wx2>>McCormack DNA 1 DLX mono blocks>Mogami W3104 bi-wire>Aerial 10T v2 Mounted to SoundAnchor Stands+Spikes

Separate 20A>>Dual HSU Research 10 inch Subwoofers

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I totally agree on all counts.


The sound of this DAC from hi rez Mch recordings is absolutely among the best reproduced sound I have ever heard. With a decent system (7 Martin Logan 'stat hybrids, 7 pretty decent channels of amplification and a JL Fathom f113,sub), I am hearing sound beyond my wildest dreams of even a few years ago.


I had been a high spending, but not very satisfied audiophile for decades. Now, I am a happy guy, sound-wise.


Why are so many other audiophiles so unhappy and complaining all the time? I do not think just a DAC is the answer. Mch, hi rez and DSP room EQ are all essential parts of the answer. The e28 enables all this to happen, beautifully.

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Agreed. I wrote a full review on it here 3 and a half years ago, and today it is still my go-to for all things multichannel. It is an amazing dac, and George is one of the good guys in this business.


Computer Audiophile - exaSound E28 Multichannel USB DAC Review

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Have this awesome DAC as well and thinking of selling it only because i'd like to upgrade to the extremely pricey E38 to match my Oppo blu-ray DAC.   There is no better way to play those coveted multi-channel SACD ISO file using J River direct to this.  Flawless operation with the rock-solid Exasound drivers (and would possibly include the well-matched  Uptone audio Regen USB as well).  Currently there are some caveats i would have to address, with it but would anyone be interested in this original $3500 E28 component for about $1500--negotiable?   PM me...

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