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Audirvana: Is Izotope used when converting DSD to PCM?


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After playing with audirvana and my Emotiva XDA-2, it seems like they best thing to do is to completely disable izotope.


But i wonder - how is DSD conversion to PCM take place? Doesn't it use the izotope settings as well? If so. The settings there are still important.


Can anyone confirm?

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When my Meridian Explorer 2 arrived and I attached to my late 2012 mac mini i7 with 16gb RAM I played all my players ROON/Qobuz/TIDAL/A2+ ver 2.5(?) initially all played flawlessly and MQA blue light from TIDAL then A2+ played but no music/sound Damien tried to help Meridian USA tried and numerous folks on CA as well- still no sound but music was playing.

I fiddled and fiddled even downloaded the firmware 1717 or whatever from meridian-nothing.

Then I went to preferences on A2 and by chance in 'audio filters changed the 'converter' from iZotope 64 bit SRC which i had never changed before and suddenly I had music/sound from ME2- I don't understand what that had to do with anything but now the ME2 only goes to 96Hz on ME2 used to go to 192 still sounds great but... WHY the change with 'disabling' iZotrope? Do I now have to change forced upsampling and to what? And in audio volume I had to change to 'software' only. Before ME2 I never changed or fiddled with anything on A2+. But overall the SQ is great regardless of what 'player' I use and now A2+ ver 2.6.6 works.

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