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Beginner looking to build entry audiophile worthy setup piece by piece


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Aspiring audiophile here. Over the years, I have listened to AAC songs purchased from iTunes or YouTube on my computer using a headphone (most recently a Steelseries Wireless H RF headphones). I even purchased an AVR and pair of stereo speakers several years ago but only recently decided to set it up. Recently discovered lossless music and am very impressed by the SQ (particularly DSD files). Looking to build a budget conscious setup piece by piece focusing on SQ first and foremost.


My current living room (18 x 18) setup includes


Receiver: Denon 1612

Speakers: Pair of Infinity Primus P363

Sources: iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro Retina (2012), Apple TV (3rd gen)

DAP: Teac HA P90SD (rotates between speakers and headphones)


I typically play DSD or FLAC files stores in an SD card inserted in the Teac HA 90SD (via headphone out) and output to the speakers through the receiver (via analog RCA input). The native DSD playback sounds great.


I realize I have a mismash of parts that may not fit together well. I'm wondering if there is an obvious upgrade that can improve my SQ. Looking to spend under $1000 for the first upgrade.



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Welcome to the Forum :)


The integration of the computer and the Denon AVR seems to be in order. I can see the SD card contacts wearing out sooner or later, so lets work on that. Keep the TEAC for portable use.


Recommend for the budget :


ifi Audio micro DAC2 USD369 Does DSD512 but on OSX to DSD128 max.


Intona Isolator standard USD290


USB Cabling , RCA interconnects $100 ~ $200 something (need 2 x USB A to USB B) Blue Jeans or monoprice are good value.


That will connect the computer to the Denon AVR and clean up the front end for less than $1000.


Next step is the boring bit, to provide backup philosophy for the music files, either a NAS or a large portable drive and suitable software to synchronise the backups.

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