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List of MQA albums in Tidal


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Thanks for the list. I wonder why you cannot see them when clicking on the masters tab. When looking through, it's frustrating when they have 3-6 versions and we have to click on each to figure out what's what.

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FWIW, I purchased one of the "deluxe editions" from TIDAL just to see if they are selling MQA files without advertising it.


I purchased the "deluxe edition" of Icky Thump by The White Stripes because A) it just showed up in the TIDAL catalog, so I assume the FLAC download and the MQA stream are from the same master and B) it comes with two bonus tracks that were previously only available from iTunes.


The result: At least according to my Meridian Explorer², the files are standard FLAC, not MQA.

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