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New AO Key needed when installing W2016?


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I am planning to install W2016 on the partition of my NUC-SSD that now has W2012R2.

I wonder : do I need a new AO key after installing W2016 with the same hardware configuration as under W2012R2?

Check my profile for my audiosystem.

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I used the same key going from w2012r2 to w2016.

No problem:)


Sent from my Lenovo YT3-X50F using Computer Audiophile mobile app

Supermicro X10SBA MB, Hynix 2x4GB Ram, Supermicro Satadom for the oss, PPA V2 Pci-usb, HDPlex Linear 200w, HDPlex 400w atx, Audiowind A-270 regulator 5v to power Satadom oss. MS-HPULN to power the ecu.

Silverstone chassis. Server 2019. AO Beta 3.0. JPlay 7. Femto server and streamer, Bubble upnp. Arcam Irdac w.SBooster botw. Wyred4sound RUR. w. diy Linear/ Audiowind A-270 regulator. Uptone USB link to DAC (No 5v). Audiocadabra Optimus usb cable.

Voltcraft fps_1132 lpsu Powering the fibernet box, and switch.. Dk Design mk II w.Siemens CCA tubes.Silver fuses. B&W 802 III Matrix w.Jensen/Duelund crossover part. Sonic Design damping feed.Vincent power cables,powerstrib w.syncro box.Tara labs reference biwire speaker cable, Diy interconnect w.Eichmann bullet plugs.Audiomagic Hepta rack w.Solid tech Isoclear isolation feet.

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