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Move from Transporter to Aries?

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Good day, all.


I've been needing/meaning to sell off my Logitech/ModWright Transporter and move to something that can provide my Berkeley Alpha DAC 2 with a full 176.4 and 192kHz (Transporter is limited to 24/96kHz). The Auralic Aries seems to fit the bill nicely (particularly with its AES/EBU output), but I have to ask, for anyone out there who has made such a move or heard both devices: Will I/should I hear a difference between the two with my 16/44.1 material (which is - at the moment - 99% of my library (vinyl aside))? I mean, just as CD players can have a different sound, should such a thing extend to streamers that are "simply" passing a file from one place to another?


Thanks for your time.



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