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2xHD DSD256 Downloads Sale


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NativeDSD has a sale on 5 albums from 2xHD to celebrate their addition of new DSD 256 titles.

Use offer code DSD256 through February 4, 2017.


2xhd is continuing to expand their catalog of excellent Analog Master Tape to Stereo DSD 256 transfers made with the Merging Technologies Horus and HAPI Analog to Digital Converters. To celebrate, Native DSD Music is offering a 15% discount on 5 audiophile classics from 2xHD with offer code DSD256. The sale titles are:


  • Jazz At The Pawnshop
  • Cantate Domino
  • Audiophile Hi-Res System Test
  • Some Other Time: The Lost Sessions with Bill Evans
  • Proprius Records Audiophile Best

When you buy the DSD 256 editions of these albums, you will get the DSD 128 and DSD 64 editions at no added cost. If you would like to upgrade a previous purchase, please send us a message and we'll help you out!












DSD 256 Sale.png

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