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Can't get my M2Tech hiface to work! Help!

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I just got a new computer w/ Windows 7x64 and I am using Media Monkey. I installed the kernel streaming output and installed the drivers but when I got to choose the kernel streaming in MM and configure there is no device to select.


When I install the drivers it goes through and says everything is installed and it is ready to be used but the device doesn't show up in Media Monkey?


When I go to disconnect the Hiface it shows on my computer that's what it is so it recognizes it but I can't get it to work?


What am I doing wrong?


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Yes, I emailed M2Tech and still waiting for the reply but I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers and everything loads fine b/c it gives the message that the HiFace is now ready to be used but when I go into Media Monkey and try to configure the kernel streaming output nothing is there to select as the device and no sound?


Am I missing some settings in WIndows 7 that I need to change? Does anyone know?


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