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What to add/upgrade next?


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Help me understand my future steps in building a system.


At the moment the system is:

Asus Xonar STX - Naim Nait 5i - Kimber - Epos ES 25


So the next thing I plan is DAC (probably Naim V-1, at least will borrow it).

How would it be better to prioritize future upgrades?

1. USB sound card like this - tX-USBexp – SOtM – English

2. Power cables for amp, dac, pc(?).

3. Power supply (conditioner?) unit from socket.

4. mBPS-d2s – SOtM – English

5. sCLK-EX – SOtM – English

6. Do I need upgraded power supply unit for PC itself?


Do 4 and 5 matter at all? Or is it better invest in better amp or say bi-amping?

Something else?


What other DACs are worth considering? I really like that Naim DAC V-1 has a headphone amp build in though.

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a dac sounds like a good choice -- if you're getting the naim v1 (they make great stuff), i'd let that settle in before doing anything else.


i'm probably the only person in the world that didn't like the tx-usbexp, so i wouldn't vote for that. that would also knock out the need for the mbps-d2s.


if you want to do something just to do something, then you could either do a usb-to-spdif converter or an intona/regen/recovery type device.

sources:  intel nuc8i7 (audiolinux, roon core) (server) | simaudio moon mind 2 (renderer)
headphone rig:  chord qutest > bryston bha-1 > audeze lcd-3
main rig:  chord dave > parasound jc5 > kef reference 1
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