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All in one player vs separate DAC

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Given the variety of interface options; amount spent on audiophile cables, isolating devices, DD converters, clock solutions etc; and column inches of opinion devoted to the best way to connect a DAC to a digital source, is an integrated player/DAC (whether CD or SACD player or Linn type streamer etc) an inherently better solution and likely to give superior results than separate items?

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Yes, so far standalone SACD player still wins at my place over digital playback. The paths are short, once they are strung out over distance, there's problems with noise pickup and inherent problems of the interface between the computer and an analog out.


Am seriously considering a network player all in one with analog out in the one box and discard computer based playback with complex arrays of transmission fixing devices. Support for DSD128 with reasonable pricing is holding back purchase, majority of one box designs max out at DSD64 with gapless playback not promised with fewer than expected, notably from Japan are shy to mention.

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