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JBL LSR305 vs. 308, and should I get the sub?


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I have a couple thousand CDs ripped in FLAC quality. Listen to them at home through a Sonos system, LOVE the flexibility & sound quality.

I am opening a new office and want to create a setup for my personal office (10'x15', and I will be sitting 4-6 feet from the speakers, which will be on a desk behind me). I will have a hard drive with audio files (FLAC), feeding my laptop, likely using Media Monkey (or something similar), then out from there (which is where I need help) - USB to DAC, then from there to powered speakers.


I have listened to a few locally and done a TON of online research, and I am looking at the JBL LSR series, specifically the LSR305 and LSR308 speakers. My questions:


1 - Is my room too small for the 308s?

2 - Should I think about 305s standalone, or 305 speakers with a sub?

I want great quality, but I do not need very loud music. I will not be using headphones. I will be listening to a wide variety of stuff, ranging from Steely Dan to pure pop to 80s hair metal. No real rap or classical, FWIW. I LOVE the feeling of a strong system delivering a detailed picture of sound...

Thanks in advance!!

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Are there any issues to be aware of if I go from RCA outputs from a DAC (likely the Schiit Modi2 Uber) to either the 1/4" or XLR inputs for the 380s? Simply buy two cables that go from RCA to 1/4" and I am good?


You are good, or you can get adapters. Please get Isoacoustic stands for your speakers, big difference. These are my JBL 230's using them


Desltop 1.jpg

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