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Thanks Uptone Audio


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Thanks Alex and crew for a great customer service experience. You folks do take good care of your customers.



Nearfield setup PPA USB>Ghent JSSG360 USB>Yggy>Freya+>Mono Vidars>Harbeth P3ESR 40th & Martin Logan Dynamo 1100X & Lyr 3> Mr.Speakers Ether 2, Schiit Sol>Puffin, Blue Jeans cables, Pangea power cables


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Thanks Alex and crew for a great customer service experience. You folks do take good care of your customers.



It is VERY kind of you to say so Richard. Many thanks!





In my former role (as co-founder and sales/marketing lead at Hovland Company), much of my time was focused on dealers and distributors around the world. I enjoyed building those relationships but it was always just about the business, and it was the same group of--often rather demanding and sometimes not nice--resellers.


What I love about running UpTone with a direct sales model is (aside from being able to keep the products affordable and competitive by not having to price them for 40-55% discount to dealers/distributors) that I get to focus the bulk of my energy on just two things: Communicating with clients and prospective customers, and product production.


(Okay, this is oversimplifying a bit as it leaves out all the hours I spend on parts procurement, accounting, logistics, staff management, vendor follow-up, planning, and new product development.)


As a lifelong audiophile and music lover myself--and living in a rural location without having much social life beyond my family and a few friends--what could be better than getting to chat with, advise, and support other audiophiles from around the world? Plus they all seem to like buying stuff from us! ;)


Anyone who has ever spoken or corresponded with me knows that I don't 'blow smoke" or exaggerate about things. And I never make claims--positive or negative--about the sound quality of any product or tweak that I have not heard with my own ears.


In addition, I am always learning from all you guys (and ladies, though they be too few in this hobby)--whether it be about audio tweaks and solutions, or great new music. Perhaps this is the best part. Certainly keeps it fun!

All the best,


--Alex C.

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