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Vortexbox server crashed


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You can attach a screen and keyboard to the unit to view startup, and if I recall correctly, do a Safe Mode start. I had an issue where I could not get startup. I communicated with Andrew Gillis at Small Green Computer. I ended up sending my unit to him. The hard drive failed. Andrew gave me option of same size or double size to 4TB. He installed the larger hard drive for me and loaded current Vortexbox operating system. I then used my backup hard drive to reload my music--long process to reload, but worked well. If you do not have a backup for your music on the system, this could be painful, especially for download purchases if not stored elsewhere. If you do not have backup now but can get the system going, strongly recommend doing a backup from Vortexbox web interface. I had some intermittent issues with mine starting till finally failed.


Good luck.


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