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Mac MIDI settings for Tidal Masters

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Hi all,


I have a Chord Mojo connected to my Mac and keen to take advantage of Tidal Masters. My two questions are around the Audio MIDI settings I should use on my Mac. It gives me drop down options from 32,000 Hz to 768,000 Hz. Depending on what I select here then I get a different coloured light on the Mojo which indicates the resolution, no matter what format of track I put through it.


My first question then is why do my settings on the Mac dictate what colour the light goes? Surely the Mojo should be detecting the actual resolution of the track and adjusting the colour of the light accordingly?


My second question, if I've not done something wrong, is what setting should I use? Should I just leave it on 768,000 Hz as that's the highest resolution?


Thanks in advance!



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