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Home Share or Share across network?

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Are there any advantages or disadvantages to using Home Sharing in iTunes as opposed to just sharing the database across the network (to multiplatform computers) I'm currently sharing my iTunes database ( 174 GB which resides on a Drobo) between a PC and a Macbook Pro. But my plan is to add a Mac Mini later and interface it with my stereo system via a Dac, then use the PC and MacBook for computer-based listening in the rooms where they are/will be.

Anyway, I'm wondering about just using the Home Sharing functionality within iTunes, but don't know what (if anything) it gets me. Are you able to rip CDs on a remote computer and send them to the library in that mode (Home Sharing)? That's something I can't do now, I have to use the PC--which is where the library was before I moved it to the Drobo.


Thanks for any input on this!


Love the site btw!






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