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Tidal sound improved!?

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I had Tidal about a week before "masters" and I noticed a little more fuller overall sound on a couple heavy played HIFI (non masters) albums. This is while listening thru my studio monitors. I'm not certain I'm just adjusting to TIDALS "house sound or there is actually a difference

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My first thought is a server upgrade which could've been required to host the MQA files. Which platform of Tidal (ios/android,desktop) have you noticed the increase in?


Tried the windows app, windows web player and android app and all better but the android app using offline content stored on a class 10 Sd card is where it sounds fundamentally much better. I used to prefer WAV rips on the PC, now I can't listen to them anymore!

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Can anybody check that the USB DAC still receives 44.1kHz from the desktop app for the improved non-Masters albums, not upsampled? Thanks.
Yes, can confirm the current Windows TIDAL Desktop, version (W: 1.19.4--7) (NP: 2.3.21), is outputting 16/44.1kHz for non-Masters HiFi quality albums.


Don't sound any different to me, BTW!

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