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Article: What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

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Wow, Chris, can't believe you would make that drive in the winter time. I would never drive at that time of the year from AZ to MN. That is a long hard drive even in good conditions.

I like your writing skills much better in this short story. Sorry to hear of your friends/mother untimely death.

Your story started me thinking of my own demise, in which, before, I was sure that Big Blue in Costa Rica would be a part of. But maybe something less grandiose would be more befitting in MN.

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Chris, you can tell a story! You're obviously a really good-hearted guy. I've also met some pit bulls who were sweet dogs that readily responded to kindness even after suffering abuse. Very sorry to hear about your friend's tragic loss.

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Nice job Chris. My daughter is living in St. Paul now, doing grad work at UMN. I have lived on the Gulf Coast all my life, and would not have been able to do that drive.


Well done, and Smokey is one lucky dog.

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In his previous article, Chris was nice enough to say he could talk to me for hours.


But he never explained why I feel the same way about talking to him.


Read this article and you'll know the reason.


One of the truly good guys in this (or any) industry.



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You shouldn't have paid the cabbie $50. The extra he caused should be on him.

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Gee Chris you certainly have plenty of empathy installed. Well done. Couldn't the world do with more of that.

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Good you made it through unscathed. Think many of us older folks have had at least a few harrowing road trips with and or without incliment weather. One of my memorable ones was when my late wife and I headed up to Big Sur when a semi blew some tires right next to us. Had an old favorite playing on the CD player at the time, Brent Lewis' Earth Tribe Rhythms which is rather hypnotic, but be assured the trance ended as abruptly as those tires blew up. Music played when we are living through some of our most important life moments is music that will hold a special place within our memories. (:

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Smokey will always remember you. Good on you for stepping in to help a creature who couldn't do for himself. I've done rescue relays (dogs rescued from a state with an excess, transported through a series of drivers in a relay to a state where they're needed) and every one of them has been excellent, and seeing the faces of the adopting families (sometimes I'm the last relay) is a huge reward.


You've got a hell of an incredible odyssey story... no cyclops or sirens (well, OK, sirens, but a different kind) but an odyssey nevertheless. Think how dull the week would have been otherwise.

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Well Done- you are a real Mensch!

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That's a remarkable story. Congratulations on surviving. Are you keeping the dog?


I reunited the dog with its owner who now lives in Minneapolis. Smokey was sooooo happy to see her. It was all the reward I needed.


I would have been happy to keep him if necessary. Great dog.

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