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Black Omega, is Open-Source with a BSD License


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Hi Everyone,


Sorry I've never really been on this forum since the last time. Shame, but don't want to break any forum rules as before. However I hope in the spirit of this thread and in line with forum rules it is alright for me to make this post here? =)


After spending a year working for Daniel Matuschek, of HiFiBerry, doing his R&D and unfortunately, ill health lead us to go our own ways. However for many reasons I have taken the decision to make all my source code for my player available with a BSD-license.


It is for me.... (although I am extremely critical of getting it to the point of perfection, sorry no DSD support or was in the works... and maybe a amp + dsd processor and nice hardware later) but I could probably bore the living pants of anyone on this forum about such trivia as to why I will boast this is as good as or better than Audirvana (though there is much in Audirvana, like HAL integer hacks) as my player.

However more in light of becoming Dad, I really can't spend time working on my source code base. It is the product of 23 years of coding ever since as CS & Maths undergrad I heard about mp3 technology.... and then became a geek with all forms of digital audio.





Like I said I've put a BSD-license so feel free to pick it up and use it. My personal web page


Black Omega


is now out of date.... and thus still selling licenses. I hope I'll get a chance to write some instructions for certain build systems along with a complete over-hall of my webpage one day.


All the best,


Stuart MacLean

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