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Optimize MQA sound quality for Tidal Masters Guide

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After Tidal launch Tidal Master update that works only on desktop applications right now, there’s a few Fidelizer users asking about getting the best sound with Tidal Master so I think it’s good idea to write up step-by-step guide here.




STEP 1: Get Tidal for Windows app


Download most recent version of Tidal for Windows then sign up or login with your account.




STEP 2: Setup Streaming audio for best sound quality


Click on “Streaming” tab, you’ll see Streaming dialog with Quality and Sound Output options. Select “HiFi / Master” for Quality and audio output device of your choice. Don’t choose “System Default” because it doesn’t support exclusive mode.


You’ll notice settings icon when you move your cursor to audio output item. Click on that icon and select all options there. If your audio output doesn’t support MQA, uncheck “Passthrough MQA” option so Tidal will perform software decoding of MQA instead.




STEP 3: Use Fidelizer with Tidal


After setting up Tidal software, you can improve Windows sound quality further with Fidelizer software. You can run Fidelizer, click “Fidelize” button, choose “Yes” to launch music player application after optimizations, and select Tidal shortcut icon on Desktop.


If you’re using upgraded version, you can choose “Network Player” audio profile for better streaming audio performance.




And now you’re ready to play music with best sound quality from Tidal Masters. If you want to use Tidal Masters with JPLAY, I recommend ASIO Bridge software to allow bridging audio output with JPLAY ASIO driver.

Happy Emm Labs/Viola/Karan/Rockport audiophile


Fidelizer - Feel the real sound http://www.fidelizer-audio.com

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