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Ubuntu Live USB boot into RAM


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We all know about benefits of turning off noisy sata and running system directly from ram for better music playback.

We also know how complicated booting windows into ram might be and how much ram it consumes.


As an alternative I recently tried Ubuntu Live USB booted into RAM. Here is a recipe:


The installation is pretty straight forward and much easier than windows into Ram or booted from network.


I got spectacular results with this comparing to optimized Windows Server 2012 R2.

For music playback hqplayer or gmusicbrowser can be used which connect directly ALSA device (PulseAudio is skipped in such case).


I encourage you to try since this is the most easiest and cheapest way to improve SQ of your Audio PC with keeping the great user experience of operating system: access to youtube, tidal, spotify, netflix, movies etc under your hand.

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Quite an old post, but it got me interested. 

I have been using a Ubuntu minimal install (only SSH, Samba and basic server; no desktop) with MPD an upmpdcli. When I send DSD256 to this Linux machine from a Windows machine with Audirvana+, the result is stunning.

So I looked into getting Ubuntu to run from RAM, however the 'live persistent' approach seems to imply that I cannot change the kernel, and part of the recipe I used is changing the kernel into a minimal latency one.

So for now, I will stick with my existing setup.


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