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Devialet 250 ---- 2014 Model ---- $6,000.00

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I bought this Devialet 250 from a dealer on the east coast on Dec 22, 2014. It has been perfect. It currently has the latest firmware available off of the Devialet website. It is eligible for the Devialet 250 Pro upgrade if you are so inclined.


I am going to give this an 8/10. As it looks, sitting in my audio area, I can see no imperfections. The Devialet is like a mirror. If you look at this unit in a bright light you can see the typical spidery effect on the finish. This is just the way a Devialet looks. I did find there is a small, very light scratch that I cannot photograph on the removable cover. It is very faint and my finger nail will not catch on it. I want to be as clear as possible about the condition as I have been burned by people saying something is perfect and it being far from perfect.


If you need more photos I can take them.


Retail price is $17,999.00


The price is firm. $6kUS + Shipping + Paypal fee of 3%.


I am selling the Devialet as I am in a much smaller house and have no need for two systems. I also have an upcoming audio purchase and I need the funds. This is my fourth Devialet.












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