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Is there a linux audio distribution as comfortable as a Sonos system?


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I am just about to get me a modded Sonos Connect to feed my DAC via SPDIF in order to combine smooth operation and decent SQ (and thus get rid of all the USB decraptifiers I have in use until now). I hope that in contrast to my MacMini running Audirvana and being controlled by iTunes remote app the Sonos would see much more use by the rest of the family as it should simply be much more easily and smoother operated than what I have until now. Especially having web radio and several streaming services comfortably on hand within the Sonos control app might turn to be a very welcome addition. The only minor drawback is that Sonos does not support Airplay to easily connect a mobile. I don't care much about the limitation to outputting 44.1/16.


But meanwhile this posting has got me thrilled:


Raspberry Pi I2S to SPDIF Hat | Page 36 | Super Best Audio Friends


This SPD2 HAT seems to be quite promising when fed by a high quality PSU – think of an Uptone LPS-1!


Is there an audio distribution out there for the Raspi (and a corresponding iOS app as remote control) that has the ease of use of Sonos and allows to instantly browse through local music library as well as web radio stations and streaming services? And allow to stream from smart phones or tablets to it?

Best regards



P.S. I have to add, I have not used Linux at all until now; I'm used to Macs and I prefer thing to be just plug and play – starting to tweak the system with terminal commands is not really my world and I doubt I would like to start with that.

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Thanks for the suggestion. But as for Rune, their website lists "Integration of streaming music services (Spotify, Last.fm, Google Music, etc.)" under "future plans". Webradio seems to be supported though. Unfortunately I can't find any information about these features for Volumio and Moode.

Would it be possible that you provide some screenshots to see how one can switch from local library playback to web radio and/or streaming services in Rune? Just to get an idea...


All the best


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