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solid state relay


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I need help designing a 12v controlled power outlet for my amplifiers. Since they each draw 20 amp, each amplifier needs its own circuit. I tested uxcell SSR-25 DA 25A 3-32V DC / 24-380V AC Solid State Relay + Heat Sink


When 12 v is applied to control side, load resistance goes to 0 as expected. However, in 5 sec, resistance increases to 22 kOhms. This is without any power connected to load side, I am just testing the relay. Is this expected behavior for a solid state relay? When a light bulb is connected to the power outlet, it turns on and off as expected with the 12 v trigger.


Win10 PRO->PPANG USB->Gustard X20->Jotunheim->Sanders magtech monoblocks->3.7i

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