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Power supply question -- 5V input device

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The 5 volts is the bit that matters. The supply required is 5 volts with a maximum current requirement of 1 amp. Your supply can deliver 5 volts at up to three amps, but will just deliver the current needed of less than or equal to 1 amp. Your power supply actually has three times the needed current capacity so may be a bit more stable and run cooler than if it was running close to it's 1 amp maximum.



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I have an HD-Plex LPS. I would like to use its 5V output to run a network switch that, according to its specs, takes 5V/1A input. The HP-Plex LPS 5V outlet delivers 3A. Would I damage the switch by using a 3A supply?


not a problem. when you see that specification, it means that it can put out UP TO 3A. actual output is determined by the needs of the switch (only 1A), so that's how much the lps will deliver.

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