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Backert Labs Rhythm 1.1 Linestage Tube Preamplifier

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Stock tubes, remote, tube

access door, power cord are included.



This preamp is upgraded with Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil coupling

caps. These were chosen for their supreme clarity, resolution, richer

presentation, and very precise soundstage accuracy.



This is the flagship preamp from Backert Labs. Company that specializes

in preamps only, and boy did they get this one right. Beautiful example

in every way.




It offers the use of 12AU7/ECC82/5814 tubes (a pair, one for each

channel) so you can tailor the sound near endlessly. It is super

responsive to the differences in the various brands of tubes. It truly

allows you to hear what the tube offers, and allows this preamp to mate

and be right at home in any system.




Uniquely, it offers a complete film capacitor topology, even in the

power supply. This essentially makes it infinitely reliable, as there

are no pesky electrolytic capacitors to wear out and or muddy up the

sound. Nobody else in the industry offers a complete film cap power

supply that I know of, for a preamp. It uses V-Cap Teflons as well for





This feature offers easy to hear advantages over typical power supplies.

Everything is so fast, so clean/clear, and very dynamic. What first

strikes is this amazing clarity to the sound. Grunge you don't know is

there is stripped away, allowing you to dive into your music as far as

you want to go. It is unlike anything else with regards to musical flow.

The performance becomes whole, and this makes the talent and emotion of

the artist's more on display. PRAT. Once experienced, this is kind of

surprising sonically vs. the norm. Small details become obvious and

effortless, and the ability to follow each and every musical line from

all the artist's as individuals is absolutely thrilling!! Image focus is

"artists in the room with you" spooky realism with massive scale.

Images are large and very real in presence and height. Bass is worth a

complete review all by itself, as this seems to be the thing that most

preamps struggle to get right. It is focused bass, very dynamic, with

plenty of slam. At the same time, it is the most musical sounding preamp

I have ever heard. It is never strident, never bright, never bloated,

not analytical, and has an ability to bring out the best qualities of

the tubes. It does not sound like solid state, nor does it favor overly

tubey flavor. It sounds like music. Very big beautiful transparent

music, with no grain/glare whatsoever.




What they managed to get a 12AU7 to sound like is amazing! Never knew a

12AU7 could sound so enveloping until I heard this preamp.




It also offers a very low output impedance and plenty of drive, so there

is not an amplifier out there this preamp won't run. It is a linestage

only, and all inputs/outputs are single ended RCA.




Remote controls volume.




Another feature that I think is an absolute must, is balance control!





This preamp is deserving of the best most difficult systems to satisfy. I

cannot find any flaws in its presentation at all. There is no "it could

have a bit more" or "it could have a bit less". Very balanced, really

quite perfect sounding preamp. I would very much like for this preamp to

find a home with someone on this forum. I do love this preamp, and if

not for needing some funds right now, it would not be for sale!




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I was on a demo for the cheaper Backert Rhumba and I thought it sounded fantastic. I can imagine what the big brother sounds like. Andy's support was also top notch. Great unit here folks.

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